"Dog Song"
From the Album

Joe Rocco’s barber shop, St. Augustine Family Barber, sits nestled under an oak tree just feet away from Gypsy Cab Company. It is a small, unassuming building with jazz paintings lining the walls and vinyl records everywhere. On a stormy day in February, however, the music wasn’t just two dimensional. The West King String Band shuffled into the corner of the shop, opposite Joe’s barber chair, and let fly some sweet harmonies and magical melodies that brought the place to life. True to their name, The West King String Band did, in fact, start on West King Street in September of 2013. It was founded by St. Augustine natives Zack, AJ, Jesse, and Jack, all of whom either went to high school or college together. Their years of knowing each other could undoubtably be seen by the ease in which they played as a group. Coupled with the gentle roar of Rocco’s razor, the West King String Band’s sound felt as though it had always belonged in the shop. The rain, the overwhelming smell of shaving cream, and the cat shirt worn by Jack sure made for a picture perfect single take. Take a seat and enjoy “Dog Song" by the West King String Band!

DON'T MISS OUT on the West King String band with Robbie D. Langston as they open for Rev. Payton's Big Damn Band on Wednesday, March 16 at Cafe Eleven!!

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