"Sea Legs"

The Sing Out Loud team spent the day locked away in the Old Jail with local singer/songwriter and Palm Coast native, Shea Birney. We stepped out of 2016 and went back to simpler days of high-wheel bikes and dog-powered washing machines. As a storm raged on outside the Old Jail, Birney sang us a tale of a sailor who had lost his sea legs, forevermore destined to stay on land. With each note, the sailor's pain of losing the thing he loved resonated around a building which was all too familiar with heartache. The storm outside mirrored a despairing ocean who longed to have its sailor back, as Birney let out a sorrowful “Lead on my Captain”. His jet black Taylor guitar adding to the atmosphere he had created. Take a moment to watch Shea Birney perform his original song "Sea Legs" at the Old Jail as it is a Sing Out Loud not to be missed. 

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