Inside of Boomstick Motorbikes, on this summer day, equipment of a different kind had taken the place of the hub caps and mufflers. Carefully placed between shelves and cycles, Robbie Dammit and The Broken Strings had made themselves at home. Having opened for Rev. Payton at Cafe Eleven and upon hearing their sound, it was impossible to believe that this Florida Punk Grass band had only performed together three times prior to this shoot. With only a few strums, they were off to the races and if you didn’t step up you’d get left behind. Robbie’s voice pierced through the shop as the band played a tune that anyone could imagine taking a ride to. Together, their harmonies had enough energy to power any cycle in the place. Today, the music was roaring louder than the motors and we couldn’t imagine it any other way! Put on some shades, take a seat, and enjoy “Skin and Bones” by Robbie Dammit and The Broken Strings. Robbie Dammit and The Broken Strings can be found at Boomtober Fest on October 15th at Broomstick motorbikes OR Catch Robbie on Saturday nights at OddBird Gastro Pub in downtown St. Augustine Keep up with them here: