Notorious for their sound restrictions, libraries aren't the usual hang out for musician. However, today was different. Today we weren't in just any library, we were in the St. John's County Bookmobile and that made all the difference. Inside this reborn school bus, Katie Grace Helow found solace in between the walls of books. It was there with the gentle roar of the generator in that background that Helow, a Jacksonville native, turned a hum into a symphony. She sang of the weight of Saturn with a poetic flare that could rival any classic on the shelves surrounding. Strumming on her Taylor acoustic, she gave us all an education on how a rockstar should behave when surrounded by literary greats. Take a break, put down that book, and enjoy "Saturn" By Katie Grace Helow!


Katie has an album on the way so stay tuned for a tour!


For more information about Katie check out her website http://www.katiegracehelow.com