"Finished" (Full Band Version)
From The Album

Joey Harkum would say that, when he’s not singing or playing lead guitar for his band Pasadena, his work is just unfinished. He showed us exactly what he meant when we finished making camp in a sandy spot at the base of the 206 bridge. As he strummed out the beginning chords to Pasadena’s “Finished”, off their latest record Hurricane, he revealed that a man without his band is, as he titled his rendition, “Unfinished”. The traffic roared behind him creating a hum that accompanied his solo act perfectly, and even as no-see-ems waged war on the shoot Joey played on. His voice and sure handed playing rang out over the Matanzas river beckoning those around to lend their ears. If you may have been one of those to catch a note as you drove past or found yourself caught in the hypnotic pull of the video we’ve released, fear not because this isn’t the last time you’ll see Joey Harkum. Look out for him on tour or check out his full band at