"Wait For Me Darlin"

The blue sky didn’t last long, only a few minutes max, before the looming grey regained its rightful place over Genung’s Fish Camp, a tiny dock that calls a prime piece of property next to the 206 its home. It was the ideal setting to meet our two talented artists for this Single Take Session. As we unloaded equipment, J. Lee Driskell, a local musician and potter, made her way toward us beaming like the yellow rose sticking out of her hat. She was followed shortly by Jacob Hamilton, a musician and lawn care expert, who was to be our sure handed river guide. They led us down the moving concrete they called a pier to Jacob’s 19 foot Carolina Skiff. J. Lee’s acoustic and Jacob’s old Sears lay on the seats ready for the magic that was to come. 

As we headed out, Jacob gave us some true lessons about the river. We travelled through oyster beds and ankle deep water as low tide drew nearer and nearer. We rounded a reed-lined bend in the creek, and that’s when we saw it: Jacob’s self-proclaimed “favorite place in the world.” It was a muddy embankment with a small wooden staircase, but it wasn’t until we’d made our way up into the small clearing that we saw the perfectly framed view of the creek we had just traversed. It was the perfect scene, the perfect backdrop for this video. J. Lee pulled out her guitar and let her fingers dance across the strings. Jacob shortly followed suit. The two together were a force to be reckoned with. After not having played “Wait for Me, Darlin’” together in two years, it took only a matter of seconds to regain their familiar harmony. A few rehearsal strums and then the camera was rolling. It was a true single take. 

We hopped back on the skiff after collecting our things, making sure to leave the scene as pristine as we had found it. As we floated down the river with new friends, music still stuck in our heads, and jokes being told, it was a flawless end to a picture-perfect St. Augustine day. Jacob and J. Lee dropped us at the dock and, as we said our goodbyes, like true Floridians they took off again to finish their fishing before the sun got too low. 

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