Cory Branan
"Missing You Fierce"

"Cory Branan's got an evil streak
And a way with words that'll bring you to your knees
Oh he can play the wildest shows and he can sing so sweet"
Tears Don't Matter Much - LUCERO

Cory Branan gets name dropped in one of Lucero's best songs. The name drop is rightfully earned; Cory is one of the most proficient, and wonderfully talented singer/songwriters to come along in a long time. SOL had the honor of grabbing Cory before his show at the Colonial Quarter back in the fall of 2014*. After convincing him to walk up the multiple flights of stairs on the watchtower, he then treated us to a great rendition of "Missing You Fierce" off of his latest album, THE NO - HIT WONDER. Sit back and enjoy Cory do what he does best!